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Your rights when you rent from a private landlord · getting repairs done · check if you can get benefits · make sure your home meets electrical and gas safety. Searching for a place you can be proud to call your home? We have over quality properties for rent across London, Oxford, Bristol and Southern England. ‍ While 46% of unders in England rent from private landlords, 58% of private renter households are headed by someone older than The rent.

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Advice for people renting from a private landlord. Find information on renting from a private landlord. Information about your private rental rights during coronavirus, including what to do if you're. How To Rent From Private Landlords. We often hear about how difficult it can be for landlords to find responsible tenants - but what about the challenges.

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Discover a better way to find a property to rent and connect with private landlords in the UK. For over 12 years we've been committed to building a rental. The easiest way to find a new place to live can often be to rent somewhere from a private landlord. Most landlords will sign a contract with you before you. Scottish Government policy on standards, tenancies and rights for tenants and landlords in the private rented sector.