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To speed up your calculations, consider using Home Advisor's drywall square footage calculator. Things You Will Need. Tape measure. Paper and pencil. Ladder, if. Our material estimating calculators compute the total number of sheets needed for a project. Our weight calculator estimates how much drywall weighs. Our following drywall installation cost for calculator allows you to change variables & refigure. Drywall Install Cost Options: Type of Drywall 1. ½ ".

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Interior Finishing. Drywall Calculator for a Room. Estimate the number of drywall materials needed for boarding and taping a room. This calculator will provide. Porous surfaces like stucco or unpainted drywall absorb paint at a higher rate Divide the new final number by to get your best estimate for how many. Tell us a little about the room you're working on and we will calculate the drywall materials you will need.

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We Know Walls & Ceilings. Is it taking way too long to build an estimate with a pencil, paper, drawings, notes, and a calculator? This could easily cost you. ft. Gypsum Board First Coat of Paint for Priming; gal; Drywall Adhesive (29 oz. tubes). Our following drywall repair cost for calculator allows you to change patch sizing & refigure. Drywall Repair Cost Options: Width & Length of Patch Area 1.