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Free Consultation - Call () - Kohn & Yager aggressively represents the accused against charges in Criminal & Crime cases. Domestic Violence. Your best defense against a false or exaggerated accusation of domestic violence is an experienced criminal defense attorney in Austin, TX. Lawyer for Domestic. Free Consultation - Call () - Former LA Prosecutor, Harvard Law School Educated, Los Angeles domestic violence attorney with experience now.

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Seeking legal help as domestic abuse victim? You are not alone. Contact our experienced NC domestic violence defense victim attorneys today. The Project has two primary objectives. The first is to empower domestic violence survivors by giving them a voice in their abuse prevention hearings and. A Virginia domestic violence lawyer could help protect your rights, freedom, and reputation when facing these serious charges. Call for a case evaluation.

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Arrested for domestic violence? California domestic violence attorney, Robert Tayac, has 20+ years of legal experience. He knows the law and is ready to. If you've been involved in a domestic violence situation, take legal action now. Contact a Colorado Springs Domestic Violence Attorney today. If you have been accused of domestic assault, call our domestic violence attorneys in St. Louis, MO for a strong legal defense. FREE consultations.