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The Nova Scotia Women's Choice Clinic is a surgical abortion and a medical and surgical abortions at the QEII and other locations across the province. Abortion is a well-established health care procedure, which you can access directly without referral from a doctor. Find an abortion provider. Decide - the. An abortion (or termination) is the medical process of ending a pregnancy so it does not result in the birth of a baby. Depending on how many weeks you have.

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Medical abortion involves taking 2 different medicines to end the pregnancy. The medicines are prescribed by the hospital or clinic, and you usually take them 1. An abortion is a safe medical procedure that ends a pregnancy. Abortions are fully legal in Canada. Types of abortion. There are 2 categories of abortion. You can only have an abortion at a clinic or hospital licensed to perform abortions. You can contact the abortion clinic yourself. Or you can ask your GP to.

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Patients seeking a medical abortion may be able to receive their medicine by mail without visiting their doctor. For help getting services, see the “Find a. The Medical Abortion Program covers the full cost of drug product Mifegymiso® (mifepristone mg / misoprostol mcg). 3. Is a special authorization required. You will need to have an in-clinic abortion to complete the abortion. Heavy bleeding; Infection; Blood clots in your uterus. Medical abortions are typically.